Welcome to Djakarto

It’s really hard to write what is actually inside our mind in english (“linggis” in Bahasa Indonesia) language. Sometimes, your head can’t translate well what you’re really think. Pfftt… Anyway, I’ll try to tell my story of my early week in Djakarto City, city of lights, city of pollutions, city of moral degradation, and of course, city of babes.

I arrived at Gambir Station at 19 pm , 29 Jan. I was looking around for a taxi. Someone offer for a taxi. I asked him, “It is a blue bird taxi?”. “No.” , he answered. I said, “I’m sorry sir, I’m looking for a blue bird taxi”. Surprisingly, he replied with shouting (in Indonesia) “Dasar banci, badan doang aja yang gedhe, banci !!”. It means (kinda) : damn you, fucking transexual. What a shit. Being intimidated at my first step in Djakarto? Damn..