Naive Bayes

Maybe where u start reading this, you may ask, “who the hell is bayes???”, well, trust me, i don’t know him well either :D . As far as i know, he is the founding of bayesian theorem, one the basic “uncertainty” (sorry if i misspell it :D ) theorem in artificial intelligence.

I want start to find more about bayes when i took decision support system course. The most painful thing is i got “statistical method” categories in final project. I’m bad when dealing with math or statistic. It’s really sucks. Moreover, i didn’t have enough time at the beginning. So i let my team, tiwi(oh.. god, not again), hanna, rina, and denny from statistic to made first progress.

Presentation before the mid exam was made by denny. I didn’t get the point though, because he is using anava method (it’s really complicated shit). I’m really don’t get the idea of anava. I’m afraid that thing is inapplicable in our project.

Time for made the final project is nearer every day. Luckily, i have some extra time to made progress with bayes. After searching and searching, i found that the easiest thing is create application with naive bayes classifier.