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It’s really hard to write what is actually inside our mind in english (“linggis” in Bahasa Indonesia) language. Sometimes, your head can’t translate well what you’re really think. Pfftt… Anyway, I’ll try to tell my story of my early week in Djakarto City, city of lights, city of pollutions, city of moral degradation, and of course, city of babes.

I arrived at Gambir Station at 19 pm , 29 Jan. I was looking around for a taxi. Someone offer for a taxi. I asked him, “It is a blue bird taxi?”. “No.” , he answered. I said, “I’m sorry sir, I’m looking for a blue bird taxi”. Surprisingly, he replied with shouting (in Indonesia) “Dasar banci, badan doang aja yang gedhe, banci !!”. It means (kinda) : damn you, fucking transexual. What a shit. Being intimidated at my first step in Djakarto? Damn..

Well, I don’t have time to listen to him. I quickly found the blue bird counter after asking the security. The taxi took me trough the traffic jam at Sudirman and Radio dalem street. I’ve got my living place earlier. At 14 Jan, I’ve been in Djakarta, looking for a living place. With a lot of help from pung a.k.a ferdi, I found a living place. In indonesia, usually you called it “kost” (I don’t know what it is in english, please give correction boarding house: credit to Arin).

A small 3×3 room, pretty cold room temperature for Djakarto standard, a below-standard external bathroom, and 400K IDR price were more than enough to convince me to took that room. Well, because I lost the phone number of Mister Haji who own that house, I didn’t told him that I’ll be come at 29 Feb. The worst thing happen. There were nobody at that house, so I can’t take the room key. Phew.. I was lucky that I just need to wait for 30 minutes on the front of his house with 3 big luggages. Mhwahwahwaha..

After some of worst-case scenarios, finally i can occupied the room. After that, Pung and Di-must came and bring me two1.5 Litre of Aqua. That’s help a lot. I ended that day with met my room neighbours. In the left is Yussack, a senior engineer in Ericsson Indonesia, and in the right is Erik, father of Erics Son, mhwahahaha.

I spent my two next days for filling my room. I bought broom, feather dust, a new gallon of Aqua, cable roll, bathing equipment, etc. It’s kinda hard to find a place which has at least half of it. I must travel into Blok-M, Blok-A, Koperasi Gandaria, Giant, and even Carrefour. Maybe that day were not my lucky day.

(*edited: maybe contains confidential information*)

(*edited: maybe contains confidential information*)

Without computers, my life was really booooring. I spent a lot of my free time with sleeping (sigh). Being an immigrant without PC or notebook were really hard. I spent a lot in comics and books. And the bad news is there were no discount at all!! I miss toga mas.. really..

(*edited: maybe contains confidential information*)

(*edited: maybe contains confidential information*)

(*edited: maybe contains confidential information*)

This is enough for today. I can’t write more. My head almost can’t translate well into english (sigh).

PS: the average meals price in dJakarta is 8K IDR… that’s harsh…

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24 thoughts on “Welcome to Djakarto

  1. oi bram, ayo muter2 jakarta meneh, kw kan drg tau tak ajak ngebut neng jakarta, mwahahahaha… :D

    btw, di lingkungan kos-ku makan masih murah. Nasi+sayur+gorengan+ayam (bakar/goreng) only IDR 5K :)

    @ arin : bukannya “bordil house” ? :D

  2. Kok bisa dipanggil banci? Pake rok? Lipstik? Maskara? Yang sabar aja Mas.. Dia kan belon tau klo dirimu mau jadi orang besar. Eh, udah ya? :D

    Dari quotationspage.com

    I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it

    Pengalamannya seru juga. Emmmm, kayaknya semua pendatang punya pengalaman yang mirip ya? Tetep semangat aja deh Bos…

  3. @jo satchi : masalahe iki nang jakarta jon, nek nang jogja wis tak kuliti, nek nang jakarta aku sing dikuliti mengko

    @kudzi : istri pertamaku kan arin, istri kedua ku komputer, klo dua duanya g ada kayaknya aku harus nyari istri baru lagi deh, hohohoho

    @arin : thnx for the correction

    @pung : yeee, kuwi nak pinggir kutho, neng cedak pondok indah ra ono sing semonoan. btw nek bordil house kuwi kan kost mu, hahahaha. jan2 e karo supir taksi ne meh tak jawab ngono, tapi wis esmosi sikik, kekekeke

    @osmond : ok mon, thnx. kapan dolan ndene? hohoho

  4. Well I guess the taxi driver was right… :D hehehe… Just kidding man, don’t get mad :D
    So u r the only soldier from UGM right? Do ur very best man! Wish u all the best!

    Beste Grüße,

  5. oalah bram, kerjo ning perusahaan anake pak erik kok ngekos 400 ewuan. Luwih cocok kwe ki nang apartemen, lha wong gajine sewulan limolas yuto…
    maut kwe…

  6. @alva : aku yo nganggo maskara barang va, lali diilangi, hahahaha

    @athrun : aku wis entuk komputer, yay…

    @ifa : boleh2 aja mbak.. kamu juga tak add ke tempatku yaaa

    @baidi : ampun dewa,, kowe cen maut,, selamanya ket jaman sma kowe cen maut, aku ra ono apa2 ne dibandingke kowe, ampun,,,

    @alle : tengkyu le..

    @aday n jo satchi : wis to,, mbok pada tobat,, disini kita udah nda ngopi miyabi lagi, tapi naughty america, hahahahaha

  7. wakakakakak,,paling kocak pas bagian d bilang banci ma supir taxi,,
    klo gw bakal bilang “iya omm,mau d sedot om??”

    yoa gw masih inget,,masa lupa,ga mungkin lah,,hehehehe,,salam buat istrimu,,

  8. masak nembe maca 2 baris tense mu uda kisruh.
    “what you’re really think”

    Setelah auxiliary verb/to be “are” mosok di ikuti Verb I/infinite (think)

    TOEFL mu saya ragukan, ojo2 arin njoki ni kie :-/

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