Come back after death

Gosh, finally it’s up again. One year without any activity, is same with death for a blogger. But, afterall, I’m back… Mhwahwahwahwahwa

There is a lot of things that i’d like to share. But I’m too tired to write.. Well, I think I’ll just edit this post later. See ya..

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7 thoughts on “Come back after death

  1. bol, kantinmilan wis siap tayang. aku tinggal bingung piye carane nampilke aggregatore karo mindah halaman index.php neng “news”. dadine ben nek admine sing posting mlebune neng halaman news. ndang digoleki script aggregatore! cepat! toga wisuda sudah menanti saya, gyahahahaha!

  2. @ bram
    Sip! Mari saling menyemangati dalam mengisi dunia dengan kata-kata dan cinta

    @ joe
    Di ga ada page buat kritik dan saran yang ga ada hubungannya dengan posting, Joe?

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